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Canada Goose Outlet Online A Croatian safari gives you the chance to see bears, deer and wolves in the wildLucy Thornton grins and bears it as she gets back to nature in a stunning national park then relaxes by the coast00:01, 21 FEB 2016Updated08:50, 3 MAR 2016Peek a pooh: Spotting bears in the wild in Croatia Get daily updates canada goose outlet Cheap Canada Goose directly to your inbox SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailIt takes a lot to keep me quiet. Turns out that three bears, one wild boar and half a dozen deer are the secret.Bear watching in Croatia’s Risnjak National Park is a silent affair, I’d been warned. But still I couldn’t stifle a squeal of excitement that sent a massive stag bounding away across a huge meadow peppered with wildflowers.My friends had taken bets that I couldn’t shut up, and it looked as if they were winning.Wish you were deer: Stalk a stag in Delnice ForestStill, after my initial setback, scaring the deer within moments of being dropped off near the top of a mountain by the ranger in his 4×4, I was as quiet as a field mouse.Our wooden observation post for the night had windows on three sides overlooking a clearing like a massive open air theatre curtained by forests.And as a hush descended on this audience of two me and hubby Peter the first scene was pretty impressive.Just 45 minutes after we were left as alone Canada Goose Outlet as Goldilocks, a huge bear lumbered across the clearing 100 yards away.He/she slowed once or twice to steal a look in our direction and we held our breath Canada Goose Outlet Online.